Bryteplint 10par PROFIL merket 1-0 LSA Pluss, hvit med sort skrift 6901141

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10 pairs disconnection module PROFILE
  • Has internal connection between the cable side and cross-coupling side of the break contacts.
  • The contact center can be operated so that the connection is broken, or you can use plug-field strings or cords to try to measure, test, or connect the signals.
  • This module can also be connected to surge protectors.
  • Color white
  • Flexible cord: 7x0, 12 -> 0.32 mm (AWG 28-20)
  • Solid cord: 0.4 -> 0.8 mm (AWG 26-22)
  • two leaders can be inserted in the same knife, provided that they have the same diameter
  • Mounts on frame or pipe with diameter 12mm ¬ plinth height 22.5 mm
  • Re terminating maximum of 50 times
  • Wire routing guides at each end of the module with room for about 10 pair (dim 0.9 mm)

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